HMS Beagle was the name of the ship that carried naturalist Charles Darwin around the world and reached the Galapagos islands in 1835. During this travel, Charles Darwin came up with the evolution theory.

It is not the strongest of a species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that can best adapt to change."
- Charles Darwin

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Besides Rotterdam, the Leiden BioSciece Park already has two succesful Beagle Centers. They are attractive for successful (young) companies that are outgrowing their current location and are looking for more space and better facilities. The Beagle centers offer high-quality laboratory BSL I, BSL II, BSL III, GLP, GP HACCP suitable for R&D, Prototyping and production.

Beagle centers also offer sufficient office space, which can be furnished as desired and equipped with necessary installations required for specific activities in a high standard office environment.


Beagle Marconi BV established in 2021 from Beagle Building BV and JP van Eesteren | TBI with the aim of developing and realizing Beagle Marconi Rotterdam.

Beagle Building B.V. was founded in 2019 from PCS Design and Construction and LabHotel. The goal of Beagle Building is to develop the Beagle concept for technology and BioScience companies. Beagle Building designs multi-tenant buildings, but also develops for companies that aspire to their own, single tenant building.

JP van Eesteren, part of TBI Holding, is one of the 4 largest construction companies in the Netherlands and also the company behind many of Rotterdam iconic buildings such as football stadium "De Kuip", the Euromast and Markthal Rotterdam. But anyone who visits JPvE does not see a large corporate company; they see one close club. And that works nicely for employees, partners and clients.

Ruud 8213FMTvkDonkerLichter

Ir. Ruud van Spronsen

Graduated 1977 as Ir. Civil Engineering at Delft University of Technology. The Beagle concept was developed in 2000 under PCS Design & Construction and VOF The Beagle was founded. Beagle Darwin was delivered in 2006, Beagle Zernike was delivered in 2016

Marc 8128FMTdonkerIIvk Lichter

Marc Schellekens MSc

In 1981 he joined TNO, Medical Biological Laboratory, Rijswijk. After a career of almost 20 years in various institutes, business units, and positions. He left TNO in 2000 to start a business. Between 2000 and now he started several companies in the field of life sciences and health.

Michael 8287FMTvk DonkerderLichter

Ir. Michael Venderbos

Employed at JP van Eesteren TBI since 2015. First as project leader since 2020 Customer and Market Director. Previously worked for BAM Bouw en Techniek for more than 13 years.

Marianne Davidson

Marianne Davidson MSc.

Employed at JP van Eesteren TBI since June 2023 as development manager. Previously worked for VolkerWessels Vastgoed as development manager for more than 7 years.

Roel 8259vkDonkerLichter

Roel Lamb MSRE Mrics

Partner of RBM Real Estate B.V.. Instructed letting agent for the Beagle. Former senior director at CBRE and former agent at DTZ Zadelhoff.

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